Cirque des Masque – The Cruise 2013


THE ENTIRE BOAT IS YOURS! We give you excitement, craziness, music, socializing, adventure, and escape from normal life by sharing a once in a lifetime entertainment extravaganza with new and old friends.

We create a one-of-a-kind musical experience tailored specifically to our incredibly diverse group of fun-seekers from around the world.

This is an opportunity to be spontaneous yet it is a huge party experience for everyone! It’s crazy, fun, and with a completely relaxed vibe… Almost unexplainable! A legendary experience designed to let your imagination run wild.

THE ONLY RULE: THERE ARE NO RULES! Well, almost… Of course we have a set of guidelines in place to keep you safe and comfortable, but in general we adhere to a simple philosophy: No one should tell you what to do on our cruise.

Champagne is popping, top Caribbean and local deejays are playing, people are strutting, wining and dancing, delicious food is serving, only one thing missing…YOU! ALL ABOARD…



Jolly Roger 1

Date & Time

Sun, 9th June 2013 - 4:00pm to 8:00pm


  • $160.00 BBD / $80 USD (All-Inclusive)
  • Weekend Package – $360 BBD / $180 USD (both events)

This is event has concluded – reservations are closed.