Cirque des Masque – Premium Party 2013


Cirque Des Masque is a night of mystery and magic in the royal court of Lion Castle. Inspiration and creativity meld under mask where nobles dance and legends take precious breath. Here is where dreams come to be born. . .

An amazing night of enchantment await our beloved patrons within the Castle’s court offering bigger, better and more diverse libation, cuisine and entertainment for your enjoyment in this fourth year.

Based on Venetian tradition and stories of fantasy and wonder. Lost within the borders of chaos and light, nobles dance among the faries while goblins wait with hungry eyes in the wings of the court.

This is one of few events which transports anyone who has dreamed of a surreal fantasy fading into a single night of dance and revelry. Music and visuals heighten your senses as Savant Entertainment proudly offers this night to those with the imagination and heart to enjoy it.

Within the Royal Court we offer a night of music, entertainment and allure among the elements featuring: Salt & Don, Ignition Sounds, Artiste Team, Private Ryan and Kerry D drummer.

Dance, dream and astonish friends and strangers alike. Be imaginative, revel in the ambiance and detail as the world falls down. . .Masks are mandatory and we’ll have a wide selection available or provide your own, choice is yours…just as long as you are shrouded in secrecy…Cirque Des Masque – A figment of your imagination or is it?



Lion Castle Polo Club House

Date & Time

Sat, 8th June 2013 - 5:00pm 'til Midnight


  • $ 220 BBD / $110 USD (All-Inclusive)
  • Weekend Package – $360 BBD / $180 USD (both events)

This is event has concluded – reservations are closed.